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Winner of Best in Show at Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, 2022


Large pair of articulated wings. Three reciprocal joints mimic the movement across the wing of the tendon and bone, allowing them to be opened and closed realistically.


Each feather is stitched in a double layer, creating an internal braced hollow for lateral strength. Feathers have individual ligaments attached above and below, ensuring they open and close in unison. This mimics how living bird wings operate. The feathers are strung together, replicating the velcro-like structures holding them together in nature. 


Wings move up and down on tensioned shoulders and are completed with movable aluale.


Wings can be wall mounted on a discreet hook, suspended on wires from hook eyes, handheld, or table mounted on a marble plinth. Large range of beautiful and dynamic poses that can be changed daily.


Truly a unique statement piece for any bird lover. 


92cm/3ft wingspan.

Signed and dated LM, '22, No.1

Shipped with Certificate of Authenticity.


This design has taken me my whole life, from my childhood obsession with the biomechanics of animals, to my adult career as a puppet maker. These wings are the culmination of years of study, experimentation, mistakes and perseverance. I'm incredibly proud of the results, thank you for looking. 

Laura M 



Steampunk Wing Set

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