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Winner of Best in Show at Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, 2022


An equine with a few strands of dragon DNA.


This horse is carved from deep, rich Walnut wood, with a cracked metallic red leather mane and tail, presented on a white marble plinth.


As I child I was frustrated by the unrealistic movement in my toy horses, I wanted them to be able to buck and prance, with an arched neck and flared nostrils. Over many years my horse design has evolved from a flat layered model with simple rotating parts, into this much more complex sculpture, who can finally frolic as I had envisioned.


The natural motion of a true horse's legs is provided with a reciprocal mechanism, which echos the function of tendon & bone. The neck has a wired vertebral structure allowing for fluid curved expressions. My in-depth anatomical study has allowed me to bring this horse to life with carefully depicted details.


All of my work is signed and sent with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Approx 20cm/8in tall.


Laura M x

The Red Horse

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