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Exhibited with Form Made From at Artefact 22nd-29th June 2021


A deadly night-time predator... in blue.  


This owl is sculpted from strong, lightweight Ash wood, with suede and leather coverlets. 


The feathers are precision cut from stiffened watercolour paper, then hand-painted and individually sealed to protect them. Specifically designed 3D printed & lost-wax cast brass parts connect the wings and tail to the body. Carefully shaped lambswool echoes the iconic dished form of an owl's head.


To recreate truly realistic movement, the wings and legs use a reciprocal jointed system. This acts in a similar way to tendon and bone, regulating the motion of each piece. Allowing the classic 360º rotation of the head is a brass 'S' neck, permitting a wide range of poses. 


Small but important minutiae such as posable talons and retractable alulae are achieved through my in-depth study of owl anatomy. Displayed in flight with options for dynamic soaring angles.


All of my work is signed and sent with a Certificate of Authenticity. 


Please note- due to the exhibition this piece is unable to be shipped until 1st June.

The Blue Barn Owl

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