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Have you ever wanted to swoop and soar like a Dragon? To feel the breeze under your beautiful, outstretched wings, then land elegantly on a rock and survey your world with glinting eyes? I needed to, so I designed this Dragon Puppet, and now I fly whenever I feel the urge to take to the skies!


I made my first Dragon in 2018, tailored very specifically to my own (tiny) hands. After years of development, I've completely reworked the hand controls so they should fit most hands, and now... everyone can fly! 


Carved from a choice of fine hardwoods, finished with intricate detailing, metallic spikes, tiny sharp teeth and eyes with glinting pupils. Every part has been custom-made and refined to function beautifully. 


Wing span- 70cm/27.5in

Nose-Tail- 50cm/20in


Each Dragon takes approximately 3 months to complete, with progress pictures and updates along the way. I currently have Purple Magic and Blue Ocean printed wings available, or we can create your own design (but this will take a little longer!). Additional details, engraved names, and custom finishes and suggestions are all welcome!


Also included-

- Custom-made shipping and storage case to keep your Dragon safe and secure.

- Exclusive access to a 'How to Fly Your Dragon' video, detailing each control, and how to combine them for smooth and realistic behaviours. 

- Signed Certificate of Authenticity.


Please be aware, I cannot make a replica of a copyrighted image or character, but I can use them as inspiration. There are a few limits on the design which would inhibit the operation of the puppet, eg- I can't add additional legs! But I am happy to work together to create the Dragon of your dreams. 


These puppets are works of art, and whilst they are functional and sturdy, they are not toys and are not designed for rough play. 


Feel free to contact me with any questions at-, or fill out the contact form on my website. 


Laura M 

Dragon Puppet

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