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Wooden cat kit with 3D printed paws (inc toe beans & claws) and universal joint system for a very posable tail. Legs are designed with linkages to echo bone & tendon, giving a very realistic range of posability. The mouth opens to reveal tiny teeth. The kit even includes a tiny toy mouse! 


Purple/Brown/Black suede ears available.

Feet & tail parts will grey, but they can be primed & painted. 

Wood is untreated & can also be painted. 


Comes with full paper instructions plus access to the video tutorial. 

This is quite a complex kit and not recommended for children due to many small parts. 


Laura x


Please note- limited numbers are available as I assemble these kits myself, countersink holes individually, add all the nuts and bolts by hand, etc. This ensures perfect quality but means I am not able to produce them like a factory. Thank you for understanding.

Cat Kit

Ear Colour