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©2018 by Laura Mathews Art. 

Realistically posable & highly detailed wooden horse, with suede mane & tail, and brass fixings. 

Horse approx 20cm tall.


Winner of the 'Outstanding Artist Award' at Art&York Exhibition 2019


As a child I was endlessly frustrated by my toy horses- my imagination had them galloping over the carpet-plains and prancing delicately amongst the houseplants... but they couldn't move like that. I have very rudimentary sketches of how I was going to make the Best Horse in the World... 


I haven't grown up much since then, but my sketches have developed into a complex, multi-layered blueprint, aided by the careful study of horse anatomy. The reciprocally jointed legs mimic bone and tendon, moving realistically and accurately. Each hoof is detailed with a 'frog', the v-shaped structure on the underside. 


The neck can arch and twist along a wire centre, supported by carved segments. This is correlated by slight flexibility in the mid-body, plus a wire tail-bone, enabling many flowing poses. 


A horse's ears convey so much emotion, I couldn't make them rigid! They are cut from soft leather, hand-stitched over a copper wire, so they can be pricked forward attentively or pinned back in anger. 


The suede is carefully hand-cut into rippling streams, I chose grey-lilac to complement the golden tones of the wood. Ash has a beautiful open grain, giving the appearance of a wild, undomesticated coat.


The included stand allows the body to be held at different angles, for rearing/bucking stances. 

Comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. 

Postage is fully tracked and insured. 


Please ask if you have any questions. 


Photographs w. black background credited to Charlotte Graham Photography

Ash Articulated Horse